Trailer wheel bearings:

Q: How do I know what trailer bearings are on my trailer?

A: This is based on the axle beam size not the hub or stud pattern. Most trailers without brakes will have “Holden” type trailer bearings, but it will depend on the axle size, use the following information to determine the bearings needed for your trailer:

If the axle is a round 39mm or square 40 mm  axle it has Holden bearings

If the axle is 45mm square it has Ford type bearings

There are exceptions to the above, but 99% of the time this will be correct.

The bearing numbers (cones/cup) are as follows:

Holden bearing set:

Outer (small bearing) – LM11949/10

Inner (Large bearing) – LM67048/10

Oil seal – 59.1 x 37.5 mm

Ford bearing set:

Outer (small bearing) – LM12749/10

Inner (Large bearing) – LM68149/10

Oil seal – 59.1 x 43.9 mm

If your bearing numbers don’t match any of these give a call and we’ll look up the numbers and let you know what bearing set you have.

Q: Do I need a trailer with brakes?

A: This depends on your intended use.

If you will carry less 500 Kg in the trailer, you generally don’t need brakes.

Trailers and towbars are rated for Aggregate Trailer Mass or ATM, this is the weight including the trailer, load on drawbar and load over the axle.

Vehicles in Australia cannot legally, tow a trailer with ATM over 750Kg without brakes

Under 750 Kg ATM – no brakes required

Over 750 Kg ATM the trailer must have brakes.

Trailers with an ATM upto 2000 Kg can have mechanical / override brakes fitted.

Trailers with a ATM between 2000 Kg and 3500 Kg have additional rules including electric brakes on all axles, ability to apply emergency brake from driving position and brake-away device.