Off Road Trailers


Do you travel off-road often? Looking to transport items off-road? Visit Holiday Trailers in Sydney to view our wide selection of off-road trailers. Our trailers are designed to go everywhere you want to go. You can trust our heavy-duty, off-road trailers to keep your items secure during your off-road travels. Designed for the off-road enthusiast, these trailers are built to take on even the most extreme landscapes. Holiday Trailers offer convenient trailers for outdoor enthusiasts who want to tackle the rough Australian terrain.

Our off-road trailers come with a multitude of specifications, including a fully welded box, fully welded mudguards, an internal box height of 550 mm, and AL-KO brand ‘Outback’ springs fitted to a heavy-duty chassis. If these standard specifications are not enough for you, our friendly staff can help you choose the customisations or accessories to suit your needs.

If you are in the market for a trailer to withstand the demanding terrain of Australia, visit us at Holiday Trailers. We can help you choose the perfect off-road trailer and accessories to suit every need.

Our off road trailers are built tough to handle Tough Australian Conditions. Off road trailers include:

  • 4mm chassis made from 50 x 50 S.H.S – Square tubing
  • AL-KO brand ‘Outback’ springs – 60 mm x 8mm, 7 leaf shackle springs with rebound leaf
  • 45mm solid square axle – Ford bearing
  • 1800 mm draw-bar, 100 x 50 x 3 mm R.H.S
  • Most common stud pattern is 6 stud Landcruiser (6 x 139.7 mm), but we also can use 100 series 5 stud (5 x 150 mm), Toyota / Ford (5 x 114.3 mm), Commodore (5 x 120mm) and also many other stud patterns.
  • Internal box height is 550 mm
  • Fully welded box, fully welded mudguards and side steps.
  • 2 jerry can holders
  • 1 gas holder
  • Rear stands / stabilisers – tube type
  • 8″ swivel jockey wheel
  • Either drop or swing gate available
  • concealed wiring
  • LED lights – round type, rubber grommet mounted and fully dust and water sealed lenses.

Other options include

  • ALKO brand I.R.S – Independent Rubber Suspension axles.
  • Mechanical over-ride disc or drum brakes, electric brakes, hydraulic brakes
  • Additional jerry can holders or gas bottle cradles
  • Choice of coupling – we can supply and/or fit a large range of couplings including:
    • 50 mm ball types both fixed and swivel,
    • Poly-block couplings
    • uni-joint based couplings
    • supply your own and we will fit it for you
  • Side access doors (for trailers with camper tops)
  • Water tanks fitted with locking filler and hand pump
  • Aluminium toolboxes
  • wind-down stabiliser legs
  • New rims and tyres – we only stock new tyre size in 235/75R15 but we can order in and fit sizes to match tow vehicle
  • Hot-dip galvanising


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