In Addition to holiday Trailers manufactured trailers we also provide a range of other services including.

  • Registration NSW Only

    We provide registration of your trailer for the normal registration costs so that you can drive your trailer away when you take delivery. all you need to provide us with is:

    Private use

    • Copy of drivers licence

    Business use

    • Copy of the Directors Drivers Licence
    • Copy of certificate of business registration
    • Company order form on company letterhead
  • Repairs

    Because trailers are constantly used in severe conditions damage is common. Holiday Trailers can repair damage to most trailers where this is economically viable.

  • Services

    Proper maintenance to trailers is important to ensure long life. We service the important components including.

    • Wheel Bearings
    • Brakes
    • Lights
  • Alterations/Additions

    Holiday trailers can make alterations or additions to your existing trailer to help it to meet any new requirements you may have including the addition of:

    • Cages
    • Tops
    • Covers